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The Ultimate Joomla Toolbox: Themes, Extensions and Resources

Posted by web2.0 Design resourse Saturday, September 12, 2009 0 comments

Joomla is one of the most popular CMSs out there, and it’s no surprise considering how extensible it is. The great thing about Joomla is the extensions (components, modules and plugins), that can be added to your Joomla website. This allows the average user to add more functionality and dynamic content to their website without being a developer or programmer.

In this post you will find a thorough collection of all kinds of resources that will aid designers and developers working with Joomla-powered websites. This collection is intended to simplify your tasks and save you time when working with Joomla.
This post covers essential resources related to Joomla— Themes, Extensions, Tutorials, Forums, Cheat Sheets and Useful Documents.
Joomla’s current version is 1.5, however, some people are still using 1.0. Some of the extensions are only compatible with 1.0, we tried to mix between both version while prioritizing 1.5.

Beautiful Free Joomla Themes


Ultimate Joomal Toolbox

Xtreme Sports

Ultimate Joomla Toolbox


Ultimate Joomla Toolbox


Ultimate Joomla Toolbox


Ultimate Joomla Toolbox

Fashion and Style

Ultimate Joomla Toolbox


Ultimate Joomla Toolbox


Ultimate Joomla Toolbox


Ultimate Joomla Toolbox


Ultiamte Joomla Toolbox


Ultimate Joomla Toolbox

Red Evo Aphelion

Ultimate Joomla Toolbox

JW Getty

Ultimate Joomla Toolbox

Beautiful Day

Ultiamte Joomla Toolbox


Ultimate Joomla Toolbox

Anemone Colourful

Ultimate Joomla Toolbox

Transparent Bliss

Ultimate Joomla Toolbox

Color Paper

Ultimate Joomla Toolbox


Ultimate Joomla Toolbox


Ultimate Joomal Toolbox

Must Have Joomla Extensions


Backup is the most important thing for any bloggers. JoomlaPack is an open-source backup component for the Joomla. It allows to create a site backup that can be restored on any Joomla!-capable server.


sh404SEF is really useful and essentianl Joomla extensions. sh404SEF creates Joomla SEF URL, and turn them to a more user-friendly format for your site visitors, as well as for search engines.


It is necessary to have correct metadata and keyword get discovered by Search Engines. JoomSEO adds heading tags to content titles and descriptions relevant for the search engines, improving ranking and accessibility.


This is a useful comment extension which has features such a threaded comments, CAPTCHA Protection and more.
ultiamte Joomla Toolbox

Avatar/Gravatar Plugin

Avatar/ Gravter is widely used in website. This extension add the gravter functionality to your site.


No matter what CMS you are using, Knowing your site stats such as hits, pageviews, search engines & keywords are improtant. JoomlaStats is the great tool to be aware of what users/bots are doing with your site .

Community Builder

Community Builder suite (CB) extends the Joomla! user management system such as : extra fields in profile, enhanced registration workflows, user lists, admin defined tabs and user profiles, image upload, front-end workflow management, Forum, Galleries.

Page Peel Banner

This module is developed based on a wonderful Pageear Script, which shows a Page Peel effect on the site
Ultimate Joomla Toolbox


If you have media site or want to add videos is AllVideo is a must have extension . You can use the plugin to easily embed videos hosted on popular services like YouTube, Metacafe, Vimeo (and many more) inside your Joomla! articles (content items). or playback almost any video/audio filetype directly from your server or a remote server.


JoomGallery is a gallery component completely integrated into Joomla, with support for Joomla 1.0 and 1.5 native. Easyto configure with fullscreen animated JavaScript view (Lightbox, Slimbox or Thickbox3).

The Ultimate Social Bookmarking Plugin

Blogger all over the world knows how important it is to have a good social network. This plugin will adds social bookmarking buttons to your content, making it easy for your visitors to submit your articles and build traffic to your website.

Joomla! AddThis

Another useful module that intergrates AddThis on your site on specified position.his module only works with Joomla 1.5.x. You can customize any AddThis Parameter easily within the module it self.


A Flash based tag cloud that works with Joomla 1.5
Ultimate Joomal Toolbox


If you are web designer or web developer this is a must have plugin. This plugin allows you can include php, html, javascript scripts into the modules position, articles, category or section descriptions, or into your own custom made component pages.

Slick RSS

This is a really cool plugin . It parse and display RSS Feed News with DHTML Teaser Tooltip

AJAX Shoutbox

This Joomla module adds live chat functionality to your Joomla site. Your visitors can chat with each other right in your website without refreshing their browsers.

Contact Enhanced

Getting feedback or allowing your readers to communicate is vital for any kind of website. Contacts Enhanced is a contact component allows to have contact form with CAPTCHA and custom fields.
Ultimate Joomla Toolbox

Mini FrontPage

MiniFrontPage module provides you with a lightweight but powerful news headline style of your most recent content items.

AdSense Module

A really simple handy solution for implementing Google AdSense ads in Joomla.

PixSearch Ajax Search module

Another cool module that mimics search like the one on apple.com. It shows result as you type.
Ultimate Joomla Toolbox

In This Tutorial We will be learning install Google analytics Code for your Joomla site.
First of all... there are several different ways to get Google Analytics up to work with your joomla site via modules, plugins, components. But we don't trust third parties that much.So, in this tutorial we will be just editing the html of our site template and inserting the code directly into it!

1. Navigate to Extensions >> Template Manager. 


2. On this page you will see a list of templates installed in your joomla site. Select the template you want to edit. 


3. Hit the Edit button on the top right of the page. 


4. Some Templates have Parameters which you can change. This can include Color variations, Width and other template properties.  


5. The other things you can do here is Edit the index file of the template. Every template is based on a main index.php file which can be edited here... Click the Edit HTML button to view the code of the index.php file and make changes to it. 


6. After you click on Edit HTML you can see all the code of the Template here. You are free to edit it and make changes to it.  


7. Now go to the end of this code and you will see the two lines.

Put your Google Analytics code right before the tag and you are done!

The Tiny-Mice Editor Which comes with joomla really Sucks, most of the people want to either switch it off or change it. Here is a Small Tutorial to change the Default editor for your joomla site.

1. Begin and Navigate to Site >> Global Configuration.

Joomla Global Configuration
2.  From here you can Select or Change the Default WYSIWYG editor for your joomla site. 

Change Default WYSIQYG editor in joomla

3. All right Now you are good to go… Hit the Save button.

Joomla Tutorials


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