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15 wonderful set of icons for web design make your design

Posted by web2.0 Design resourse Saturday, September 5, 2009 0 comments

Icons are the road signs of the Internet, they let you know at a glance what action to take. When building your own website or web application, you may need some icons, if you don’t have the time to create your own, why don’t you take a look at the ones in this list?
Before you use any of these sets, make sure that you read the license. Some are not free for commercial use.
browser icons


1. bwpx icons

Beautiful icons with a clean design by Paul Armstrong.
bwpx icons

2. Tango icons

Gorgeous set of icons to use for your web application or website.
tango icons

3. Mini Pixel

Full set of icons for all kind of uses: filetypes, design, CMS, eCommerce (see image under),…
mini pixel icons

4. Icojoy’s free web development icons

Icons to use in your web projects with symbols for most commons website actions.
web development icons

5. Function icons

Web icons set for all kind of uses with a glossy look, great work.
function icons

6. BrandSpankingNew icons

Tiny but useful set of icons by Brand Spanking New, a special gift for Christmas 2006.
bsn tiny icons 15 wonderful set of icons for web design

7. Famfamfam mini icons

The great and famous famfamfam mini icons.
mini icons

8. Flavours Icon set

Wonderful work by Smashing Magazine as usual, they even managed to put an iMac with a Blue Screen of Death.
flavour icons

9. WooThemes icons

Cute icons provided by the fine WooThemes people, you can get original illustrator files if you are a paid member.
woothemes icons

10. Glossy eCommerce icons

Prettify your web commerce with these icons.
ecommerce icons

11. Dead Simple

Simple 16×16 px social media icons, ideal if you don’t want the social media icons to take too much space.
dead simple icons

12. Country flags

Mentionning countries on your website? These country flag icons could be handy…
country flags icons

13. Splashy icons

464 icons and growing, a huge set for all web design situations.
splashy icons

14. Morcha browser icons

Webmasters don’t do this much anymore, but you could use these browser icons if you want to emphasis on your site’s cross-browser compatibility.
browser icons

15. Social media mini icons

Some more lovely, well-designed social media icons.
social media mini

Seven Beautiful JQuery Scripts For free

Posted by web2.0 Design resourse 0 comments

JQuery has been taking the web by storm since early 2006. It has allowed developers to life, sites they could only dream about before. JQuery allows a degree of interaction which before would have to be done via a CGI. Here are seven scripts which demonstrate the beauty of JQuery.


LavaLamp takes rollovers to a new level. Unlike the tradition roll over, LavaLamp simulates the rollover moving from one element to the next, similar to the motion of a lava lamp. If you are using rollovers on your site right now, this is a great script to think about adding to your site.

LavaLamp JQuery 

InnerFade with JQuery

Flash is very popular due to it’s animations and the ability to do transitions. InnerFade with Jquery provides a nice, smooth, Flash like fade for your site without the need for Flash. This feature would be very nice if you have a site which needs to transition between multiple images.

InnerFade with JQuery 

Site | Demo 

JQuery Calendar

Coding calendars can be a developer’s nightmare. There are so many variables to take into consideration, such as is the year a leap year, how many days are in the month. Jquery is here to help make those a little easier. JQuery Calendar will not only take the pain out of coding a calendar, but also make the calendar more interactive.

JQuery Calendar 

Slider Gallery

Gallery’s are very popular, but most of them are boring, generic and take up a lot of “room”. Slider Gallery gives you a way to make your gallery a more interactive, flashy, and best of all it doesn’t take up a lot of room. It would be very simple to add this script to any current website that has a gallery.

Slider Gallery 

SlideDown Menu with Animation

Toggling elements can be done with JavaScript, but it is not very attractive. SlideDown menu adds a very nice animation which makes the toggling of an element more sophisticated rather than just appearing.

Slidedown Menu with Animation 

JQuery UI Slider

Sliders give your site more interactive elements, but they replace what users are familiar with. JQuery UI Slider provides an interactive slider, and still gives users something, a drop down menu, to fall back to if they don’t know how to use the slider, and do it in a professional design.

JQuery UI Slider 

Horizontal Accordion

JQuery gives developers ways to envision their sites completely different than what they could have in the past. Horizontal Accordion is one of those scripts. It gives the developer the option incorporate what could have been multiple pages into one page with a professional look.

Horizontal Accordion 

css. We have put this video in a step by step format so that it would be very easy for you to understand and follow. You should be able to grasp the basics behind html ...


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